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Palmdale Chiropractic & Family Wellness Care Services

chiropractor spineAt Dewald Chiropractic, our chiropractic center in Palmdale, we have chiropractors who follow a whole body approach to pain management, injury rehabilitation and wellness care. While many patients visit our practice initially for back pain or neck pain relief, they quickly learn that the benefits of chiropractic care extend well beyond pain management. Our whole body treatments are beneficial for the entire family. From sports chiropractic and personal injury rehabilitation to nutritional counseling and weight loss, we work closely with patients to enhance all aspects of their wellbeing. Our Palmdale chiropractic care services will help you live your best life today!

Dewald Chiropractic: Whole Body Health Starts Here!

Our chiropractic treatments are based on a simple principle: the spine is the body’s foundation, and when it is properly aligned, the body operates in a state of “ease”. When the spine is out of alignment, the body enters a state of “dis-ease”. Patients are at risk for injury, chronic pain, poor immune function, and a host of other health problems. This is because a spinal misalignment compromises nervous system function. A herniated disc, for example, may compress nearby nerves, triggering pain and also affecting the brain’s ability to effectively send and receive messages through the central nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments bring alignment back to the spine, relieving pressure on the nerves for enhanced nervous system function.

sports therapy

If you have recently suffered a personal injury or been in an auto accident, you may be suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches or mobility restrictions. A visit to Dewald Chiropractic is an important first step back to good health! As part of our chiropractic services, we offer advanced diagnostic care, including X-rays. Once the location for a spinal misalignment is identified, our Palmdale chiropractors will create a customized treatment program that addresses your specific pain management and injury rehabilitation needs. Also, unlike many chiropractic offices, we offer a full range of physiotherapy modalities to accelerate healing and a gym for strengthening an rehabilitation to get you back to normal.

The Dewald Chiropractic team has substantial experience treating patients for a variety of accident injuries and chronic pain, including whiplash, migraines and sciatica. Our sports chiropractic care is especially beneficial for patients who have sustained a sports injury such as tennis elbow, knee pain, or an ankle injury. Our non-invasive, drug free approach to injury rehabilitation addresses the underlying causes for pain, helping our patients heal from the inside out.

As part of our commitment to injury and pain prevention, our Palmdale chiropractors recommend regular adjustments to support whole body health. Maintaining proper spinal alignment keeps the body in a state of “ease”. When the spine is properly aligned, individuals will naturally have more energy, benefit from a stronger immune system, and sleep better at night.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we also offer nutritional counseling and weight loss services. Our weight loss program helps patients make lifestyle changes that support long-term weight loss – no fad diets necessary!

Our family wellness care services are beneficial for individuals of all ages, including young children and older adults. To learn more about the benefits of family wellness care and chiropractic treatments, click on the links below or contact Dewald Chiropractic today.

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