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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

At Dewald Chiropractic, we are committed to promoting wellness and whole body health for individuals of all ages. That’s why we offer holistic health services, like colon hydrotherapy, that help cleanse the body and support good health from the inside out. Colon hydrotherapy is the gentle, safe infusion of warm, filtered water into the rectum at low pressure. This restorative treatment is an effective, relaxing means for cleansing the entire colon without stressing the individual.

All of our staff that administer colon hydrotherapy are certified therapists and we have a doctor on staff during business hours.

Remove Toxins with Colon Hydrotherapy

The colon is the end portion of the human digestive tract. The colon’s primary function is to eliminate waste, reabsorb electrolytes and minerals, and conserve water. Bacteria also live in the colon that synthesize valuable nutrients. Waste material that is stored in the colon can cause the body to not only back up, but also to suffer from toxic consequences. This material could be dead cellular tissues, parasites, worms and accumulated mucus. When this material backs up for an extended period, it can have a serious impact on our body’s health, causing us to feel weak, tired and ill. Worse, this impacted material can hinder the colon’s ability to assimilate minerals and bacteria-produced vitamins. Symptoms of a backed up colon include sluggish bowel movements, fatigue, constipation, and general slow transit time.

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colon cleansing or colonics, is a restorative and painless procedure that cleanses this backed up waste from the body. The entire procedure can be performed in just 45 minutes. During the procedure, individuals will lie comfortably on a custom built table. A small speculum is inserted into the rectum. A specially trained therapist will monitor the temperature of the water infused in and out of the colon. Using a closed system, waste is eliminated through an instrument and out a drain line, which avoids any unpleasant odor.

Colon hydrotherapy is highly effective because it cleanses the colon by eliminating and breaking down any toxic materials. Build up of toxic debris weakens the colon, causes inflammation of the lining of the colon, impairs its function, and causes general health problems for the body. Removing these toxic materials is essential to preventing the toxins from causing further harm to the body. Once the toxic materials are removed, the colon can return to its normal functionality, speeding up transit time and improving whole body health.

To prepare for colon hydrotherapy, eat or drink lightly for several hours in advance (preferrably the day before). Following colon hydrotherapy, most individuals feel instantly lighter, energized and enjoy an enhanced sense of well being. If you have been suffering from constipation prior to colon hydrotherapy, be prepared to experience a series of bowel movements for several hours after the initial treatment session. This simply means that your body is resetting itself. In some cases, if a colon is very weak or sluggish, you may not experience a bowel movement for several days, which means additional cleansing may be necessary for strengthening and healing.

To learn more about the benefits of colonics for whole body health, contact our wellness team today!

some of the possible benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy include the following:

Colon cleansing can help improve your body’s overall health and wellness, and may even reduce your risks for colon cancer.

Makes the digestive system more effective

As the colon is cleansed, it pushes undigested waste through your system, clearing the way for good nutrient absorption. If waste remains in the body for too long, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and illness. A clean colon from a colon detox allows undigested waste to pass easily through your system.

Maintains regularity and prevents constipation

Constipation — especially when it's chronic — causes a sluggish digestive response, which in turn leaves waste in the system longer. This increases the likelihood that toxins will be released into the bloodstream. It is also a cause of other illnesses and irritations, such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Increases energy

Releasing the toxins from your body is rejuvenating because it refocuses the energy usually used for forcing waste through your intestines to other parts of your body. People who have undergone colon detoxification say they have better blood circulation, more restful sleep and a boost in energy.

Increases the body's absorption of vitamins and nutrients

A colon that has been cleansed allows only water, vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream, rather than releasing toxins and bacteria through the colon walls. When the colon is detoxified, it clears the way for essential nutrients to filter into your body unobstructed.

Improves concentration

Poor diet and ineffective vitamin absorption can cause you to become distracted and lose your concentration. The buildup of mucous and toxins in your colon can keep your body from getting what it needs to function, even if you eat a consistently healthy diet. Cleansing the colon with a detox diet can be the difference between feeling alert and not being able to focus. This has far-reaching ramifications for work, your relationships and your overall health.

Kick-starts weight loss

Foods lacking in fiber move through the digestive tract at one-quarter the pace of high-fiber choices. This slow-moving food produces excess mucous that literally sticks to the intestinal walls, weighing the intestinal tract down with pounds of decaying fecal matter.

Colon cleansing has the potential to aid weight loss; some people claim to have lost up to 20 pounds over the course of a month. The average human colon weighs about four pounds empty and can hold up to eight meals' worth of food before digestion finally occurs. A colon cleansing can result in significant weight loss and kick-start your metabolism, as well as refocus your attention on better food choices and whole-body wellness.

Decreases risk of colon cancer

All the toxins that you eat, drink, breathe in and absorb through your skin end up being processed by your gastrointestinal system and liver. If they are not forced from your colon and liver as quickly as possible, they can wreak havoc on your body's systems. By releasing stagnant body waste, you reduce the causes and the risk of polyps, cysts and cancerous growths in your colon and gastrointestinal tract.

Increases fertility

Colon cleansing, as well as increased fiber intake and healthy food choices, improves regularity and helps keep your weight under control. Fat is estrogen-based, and if too much is present, becoming pregnant becomes more difficult. A colon that is weighed down by years of buildup can also press on the uterus and surrounding reproductive organs in women, causing strain.

Colon cleansing rids the body of many chemicals and toxins that affect the egg and sperm. Many naturopaths recommend that both partners undergo colon cleansing before attempting pregnancy.

Maintains pH balance in the bloodstream

Foods that cause colon blockages are acid-forming — particularly high-protein diets without enough fiber. This leads to general malaise in the body. The tissue of the colon eventually becomes diseased and inflamed, reducing the colon's ability to do its job, which is to allow only water, minerals and vitamins to pass into the bloodstream. If yeasts, molds, fungus, bacteria, parasites or fecal material enter the bloodstream and connected tissue, the body's pH will be thrown out of balance.

Improves whole-body well-being

Ridding the colon of waste and toxins by releasing layers of colon buildup can lead to feelings of lightness, strength and overall good health.

Contact us for any questions about colon hydrotherapy AKA colonics.

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